Sunday, April 19, 2015

Giving up to Delegation

This morning, I jumped back on to Twitter to continue the setup of my new account. The wheels down at Twitterplaza searched Google's brain for my contacts and found Tony Darrik Baker.

I first learned about Tony listening to Tony talk on paid radio spots, I think.  Or maybe he had a 30 minute spot on KRMG in Tulsa?  Details.

It's so neat that the first thing I find after following 72 people is Tony's advice about delegation.  I've recently, finally, broken that stick that was making me do everything myself.  I'm now trying to do of the designing and less of the coding.

I'm never going to stop coding though.

See that URI?  SEO, baby.

What's a URI?  It's the right side of the URL.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Attack! From other dimensions.

Book idea: Aliens are humans from the future of a parallel world, where they have deemed their outcome the best and now they're going into the pasts of similar, parallel universes to change the bad outcomes to match their own history.  Originally, we were headed for separation into two nations after the rebs' victory in 1865. The Nazis were going to win. Something like that.

There needs to be a relationship between an alien attacker and a local, of course... That's where we learn about what's happened to (for) us in the past.

Now, there's a new battle on.

There would also be an opposing parallel universe trying to make us into their horrible future, where the Nazis won. Obviously, in our world, they've failed to help Hitler to a victory, in fact, here he killed himself (pussy). This time around, they want Grinko to be humiliated.

Grinko is hopefully destined to be the President who brings us back from the brink of nuclear annihilation, soon.. Too soon.

Update 15 minutes later: I guess I mean The Philadelphia Experiment 2. Oops.... Wait, not really exactly like it. In the movie, sailors end up in a bad future of our own timeline... Something had gone wrong with their experiment, right? They had to get back to correct it. Whew.

2 more minutes later: Still, this sounds familiar. What do you think? Please comment. :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hey Bro

I have a short list of former lovers, family, and friends, whom not only will not speak to me, but also will not tell me why they will not speak to me.

Rather than list those people, I'll list the even shorter list of people whom just said, "Hey, we can't be friends anymore because..."

I'm not going to list any people.

I will say that the people in the second list were never hassled by me.  And it wasn't because they gave me a reason to my satisfaction, or a reason at all, but just that they affirmatively told me that it was over.

Although I'm not entitled to any courtesy, from anyone, it hurts when I've shown unrequited courtesy, but that's on me.  I search my memory for the reasons though -- the reasons for not telling me the reasons.  Possibly, I've been told the reasons.  Possibly,  I should be able to figure out the reasons.  Most likely, the reasons don't matter.

This isn't about anyone in particular.

I miss you.

If I hurt you, I am so sorry.  It's possible I know exactly when I hurt you, but it's also possible that when I hurt you I was so self-absorbed, that I didn't even notice.  I'm responsible.  I'm sorry.  Let's make friends.

Family doesn't mean friendship, but it's a good place to start.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trusted Sources as Attack Vector Greatest Threat to Security

We spend a bunch on cyber security, and that's good, but not even blocking all foreign internet traffic once an attack starts will do much to thwart it when executed by millions of machines operating otherwise dutifully right here.

Please consider that when you trust software released by a foreign company or group, an update could be used to make your web hosting account part of an attack from within our own borders, whatever those borders may be.

This software would operate quite well for years and you would become accustomed to installing their updates when available, possibly just approve automatic updates.

Open Source is no refuge if your distro (distribution supplier) is controlled by an evildoer.  Then, they don't author good software to gain your trust -- they just reliably compile and deliver it, year in and year out.

The resources of honorable people in a foreign land could quickly and easily be hijacked for an attack by their own government, simply by inserting files into their distribution streams, even fixing up the proper check hash numbers.  This could be done without a single hack over here.

I started thinking about this a month ago when I considered using an open source library to aid writing games for mobile, cross platform.  Then, today, I looked at an open shopping cart solution.  Both of these were from a country whose government is infamous for being a worthy adversary, whose history should be regarded carefully, and against whom we do not defend ourselves in the interest of free trade, among international corporations, to the detriment of all, including you.

That is all.  :)


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